953K jobs created in 2013, but 731K of those jobs are part-time jobs!

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These details from this report using statistics from the BLS.  

I guess that is why so many young people are moving back in with dear old mom and dad. Nearly 36% of adults under age 31 are back home.  

Imagine the scene:

Door bell rings: Ding dong.  Mom answers door and sees her college educated son.

Mom: “My son has come home to visit.  How wonderful.”

Son: “Hi mom, can I come in?”

Mom: “Of course you can, you are always welcome here.”

Son: “Well, its kinda funny that you mention that.  Is my old bedroom still available?”

Mom: “Well, actually your uncle Barney is staying with us as he lost his home in the Obama real estate disaster.  Why do you ask?”

Son: “Well, ya know how I graduated from college and moved in with my buddies?  Well that was 3 years ago and I still don’t have a full time job.”

Mom: “But Obama keeps telling us how great the economy is, and how everything is good.”

Son: “Ya, not so much!  Hey, do you and dad still have that health insurance plan?”

Mom: “Of course, why?”

Son: “Well, According to Obama I can get back on it and stay until I am 26 years old.  Is that okay?”

Mom: “But what about the Affordable Care Act?”

Son: “Ya, the affordability part of that thing was really just an act!”

Wait and see how the Obama media minions spin this awful, disastrous news about bad jobs as ‘Obama bringing families back together again’.  

Part time jobs are the wave of the future.  25 and 30 hour per week jobs will be the reality for years to come due to Obama and his socialist economic policies.  If you think we have a separation of rich and poor today – wait until the  Obama/Democrat plans are fully implemented.

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