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What do Paul Heroux (D-Attleboro) and Dennis Rodman Have in Common

As much grief as these pages have given Paul Heroux over his vote to raise taxes.  The Democratic Representative for Attleboro just had a once in a lifetime experience.  He was able to go behind the bamboo curtain to North Korea as part of a Harvard Kennedy School learning expedition.  He has a lot of images on his Facebook fan page.  Below is just one of them, Heroux said this is something called the MassGames.  No doubt part of a Bread and Circus plan by Pyongyang to keep the masses docile.

You can read more about Heroux’s trip to North Korea at The Attleboro Sun Chronicle.  

Oh and the answer is that both Heroux and Rodman went to North Korea this year.

Steve Grossman has better luck with old vaults than Geraldo

You may remember back in the 1980s the big hype when Geraldo Rivera was going to open Al Capone’s vault.  Then in a huge disappointment it was empty. State Treasurer Steve Grossman set himself up for a similar situation recently.  Alas, his foray into vault busting yielded better results.  The Boston Globe has the story.  

When the safecrackers gave MacDonald the signal that the locks had been opened, he lifted the metal bar across each of its doors and pulled the safe open, revealing two green filing cabinets and big piles of papers, boxes, ledgers, and envelopes stacked on shelves.

A dusty assortment of artifacts, at least one dating to the 1700s, greeted him.

The items included Confederate money from 1864; a weathered ledgerbook, dated 1896-1899, outlining pay for “Massachusetts volunteer militia service in Spanish-American War”; World War I savings bonds; boxes of old checkbooks; and metal stamps with the engraved signatures of former treasurers, including Foster Furcolo, who became the state’s 60th governor in 1957.

Also interred in the safe were a very old photograph of an elevated train, a 1936 stock certificate from the Boston Beer Co., and a role of magnetic tape from 1971, probably containing old computer files from the era long before thumb drives and cloud computing.

What is it with Agawam and Goats

You may remember that State Representative Nick Boldyga (R-Agawam) recently won the Hampden County political goat milking championship, bestowed by the 4-H club.  Now goats are back in the news in the sleepy Western Massachusetts suburb, best known for Six Flags New England.  Mass Live has the story.

Alan J. Griffin and his wife, Suzanne M. Griffin, are turning to the federal courts in their long effort to keep goats at their home in Agawam.

The Griffins on Thursday filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Springfield, alleging the town is violating their civil rights and discriminating against them. They are asking for $2 million in damages including compensation for mental anguish and emotional problems caused by the town.

Baaaaaad Agaaaaawaaaam.

Claros and Steinhof two weeks away

The special elections for the seats David Steinhof and Carol Claros are running for are two weeks away from today.  If you can spare some time over the next two weekends contact the campaigns through their websites.  



Lawrence Economic Development Agency Meets Only Twice in Two Years

The Lawrence Redevelopment Authority, charged with economic development in the struggling city, has only met twice in the past two years.  The Eagle Tribune has the story.

By almost every measure, the city is one of the most distressed in Massachusetts: Unemployment is in the double digits, more than one in four families lives in poverty and blight is pervasive.

But the local agency tasked with attracting development and jobs has all but gone missing for more than two years, records show.

Since July 2011, the Lawrence Redevelopment Authority has met just twice and acted on only a single project, which has since stalled.

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