5 Things: O’Connor-Ives Votes Don’t Mesh With Her Spin, Baker Rising, and more…

Kathleen O’Connor Ives’ Votes Don’t Mesh With Her Spin

State Senator Kathleen O’Connor Ives (D-Merrimack Valley) has been telling people in her district that she fought against higher taxes throughout the process, except for the final vote to override the governor’s veto. Here’s what she told the Valley Patriot readers this month.

Over the course of the budget process, the Legislature reduced those requested increases to a 3 cent gas tax increase tied to inflation. I strongly opposed that gas tax increase throughout the budget process, and I also fought against measures in the bill that set up studies that could lead to tolls on the New Hampshire border.

The problem for Ives is that her statement, that she fought against the gas tax throughout the process is demonstrably false.  On April 13, 2013 Bruce Tarr offered and amendment to strike all tax increases from the underlying transportation finance bill.  Kathleen O’Connor Ives voted against that amendment.  She also voted on that same day against another Bruce Tarr Amendment to take the software services tax out of the bill.    

It goes to show you that Massachusetts Democratic Politicians think that nobody will check their statements.  We will.

Baker Rising

Charlie Baker’s path to the Republican nomination has been cleared and his stock is rising.  The Boston Herald has a great story on Baker’s chances.

Republican Charlie Baker – a seasoned campaigner with a well-oiled fundraising machine – should not be underestimated once he finally gets in the governor’s race, according to party operatives and one Democratic hopeful.

“I think Democrats need to take Charlie Baker seriously as an opponent,” said Democrat Jul­iette Kayyem, the former homeland security official who jumped into the race Wednesday.

“We have been surprised – both parties have been surprised – recently in the last couple of years.

Dimasi Loses Appeal

Convicted former Massachusetts Speaker of the House, Sal Dimasi, has lost his appeal of the conviction which has sent him to jail. WCVB has the story.

“The evidence was sufficient to support the appellants’ convictions. The district ably dispatched the evidentiary, instructional and sentencing issues well within the latitude properly afforded by trial judges. Accordingly, the appellants’ convictions and sentences are affirmed,” the U.S. Court of Appeals wrote Wednesday.

DiMasi’s attorneys argued the judge in the case made “critical deficiencies and errors” in his instructions to the jury.

100+ File for Pot Licenses

Over 100 budding horticultural entrepreneurs have applied for Pot Dispensary licenses.  The Boston Business Journal has the story.

State officials said more than 100 aspiring ganja-preneurs submitted applications Thursday to open medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts, roughly triple the number of licenses available. People are keen to sell products similar to kurupts in their stores to help the local community.

In a conference call with reporters, Cheryl Bartlett, the commissioner of the state Department of Public Health, said the department plans to award licenses for up to 35 dispensaries by the end of the year. Bartlett said it would likely take four to six months for licensed dispensaries to be open.

“We are glad it was a highly competitive process and it will ensure patients access to the medical use of marijuana in the commonwealth,” Bartlett said during the call after the department’s 3 p.m. deadline for filing first-phase applications.

Celeste Corcoran Walks Again!

Back in April, readers of Red Mass Group were very generous to the Corcoran Family.  You may remember the Corcorans are friends of my cousins who were also injured in the Marathon Bombing. I’m a little late in sharing this, but with the aid of two prosthetic legs Celeste Corcoran is walking again!  Here’s the video.

Thanks again for all your support.  

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