5 Things: Anti Casino Ballot Question, Western Special Date Set, Heroux Responds, and more

Coalition of Conservatives and Progressives Band to Stop Gambling

A Coalition of pro-family and progressive groups have banded together to stop the state’s casino law.  Common enemies sure make strange bedfellows.

A diverse coalition of public health, municipal, family and religious leaders along with concerned citizens from all walks of life submitted an Initiative Petition today to repeal the law allowing state government to partner with powerful gambling interests with the purpose of promoting casino gambling to its citizens.

Repeal the Casino Deal (www.repealthecasinodeal.org) filed the requisite paperwork with the office of the Attorney General starting the process to place a repeal question before voters on the November 2014 ballot. The casino bill, passed in 2011 allowing for three casinos and one slot machine parlor, was fueled by commercial casino interests in one of the most expensive lobbying campaigns in state history and aggressively pushed through by the state’s political establishment.

2nd Hampden and Hampshire Election Date Set

The Secretary of State and the Senate President have set the election date for the special election to fill the seat recently vacated by Mike Knapik (R-Westfield).  The primary election will be held on Tuesday October 8, 2013 and the final will be held on November 5, 2013 which is also the date of Municipal elections in Holyoke, Chicopee, Easthampton, and Westfield.

Representative Paul Heroux Responds to Red Mass Group

Based on yesterday’s blog post regarding Democrats trying to spin their votes for higher taxes, Paul Heroux responded to Red Mass Group.  Here is what he said in an email.

The GOP sided with the governor in his quest for higher taxes. If the process had to start over taxes would have gone up even more. That is a fact.

The fact is that a vote to sustain the Governor’s veto would have killed the transportation finance bill.  There would have been no 7 day window in which taxes would be increased, and they would have gone back to the drawing board on the heels of an election year.  They may not have even had the stomach to increase taxes at all.  That’s a plausible as taxes going up even more.  

Unless you Visited Minnesota or NJ recently you probably didn’t win Powerball

The Powerball mega jackpot will be shared by three tickets, two sold in NJ and one in Minnesota.  There goes that $5,000,000 SuperPAC idea…

Brown won’t say he’s not running

Scott Brown is keeping the door open to a gubernatorial run publicly.  He said as much to the Boston Herald.  

Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown played it coy yesterday when asked if he’s running for governor, saying “there’s nothing wrong with a primary” – and setting the stage for a possible showdown with fellow GOP power­house Charlie Baker.

“We’re both big guys,” Brown told the Herald last night. “There’s nothing wrong with a primary. And there’s nothing wrong with having a free shot either. We’re going to talk.”

Brown – whose political ambitions have been the source of speculation since his Senate defeat last fall – refused to say whether he’ll run for the Corner Office, adding that he, like Baker, will decide by the end of summer.

Who would you support in a primary?  Brown or Baker?

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