Teresa Heinz Kerry’s condition upgraded to ‘Mind your own damn Business!’.

It has now been 5 days since Teresa Heinz Ketchup Kerry was rushed (actually airlifted) to Mass General Hospital with a life threatening ailment.  She was, after all, in critical condition.  5 Days!  Five long and arduous days.  I have been so worried through all of this.  I really don’t know how people can go about their daily business.

I guess Massachusetts General Hospital isn’t that good of a hospital after all, is it?  In comes a woman, and not just any woman, but the wife of the Secretary of State for the United States.  And not just any wife of a Secretary of State, but the richest and most noted wife of any Secretary of State in history and they still can not figure out what is wrong with her.  Who the hell does she have to be in order to figure out what is wrong with her?  MGH is in the most noted hospital in the world.  Teresa Heinz Ketchup Kerry is one of the richest women in the world – so what is the freakin’ problem?  Think about it, Mayor Mumbles Menino went in to the hospital and we got every excruciating detail about his enlarged prostate and his broken leg and every other malady.  We saw pictures of him in his pajamas and in a Patriots shirt resting and working nonstop on every crappy local news channel around.  And he is only the f*ckin Mayor of Boston.  But the wife of the SOS can’t get a decent medical evaluation?  Something ain’t right here folks!

The last update we got, which was two days ago, was that Doctors had ruled out a few things.  They ruled out aneurysm, brain tumor and Cardiac arrest.  For crying out loud they are only up to the C’s and it has been 5 long days.  At this rate they won’t get to Parkinson’s disease until next March!  

The statement received by all her adoring fans was this:

“The family does not anticipate making any further statements until Mrs. Heinz Kerry is discharged from the hospital,”

They aren’t going to tell us anything!  Is it that they won’t tell us – or they can’t tell us – or there is nothing to tell?  Which is it?  

I know, I know, I can hear Simple say it now: ‘But V3PN it is a medical issue and none of your business!’.  And in that one particular incident he would, for once, be right.  But this is Teresa Heinz Ketchup Kerry and she has no problem telling us about all her medical problems.  In fact, the media advertises her former illnesses like a badge of honor.  Ya know, almost like her husband Thurston John did with his military medals.  Teresa has become a mouthpiece for breast cancer awareness.  She likes telling everyone when she is sick – so why not now?  Why the silence?

When the wife of the former Senator and current Secretary of State is rushed through the doors of Mass General Hospital it does not take this long to get a diagnosis.  It takes less than 5 days to rule a few obvious illnesses.  Or, is Mass General Hospital really just another crappy hospital?  

Let’s take a guess shall we?  I am guessing that Teresa will be released without any media coverage and taken to her home.  It will be announced later that she is home resting comfortably and wants no visitors at this time – or until Egypt is settled.

Hate me for saying this, but it is true…Teresa Heinz Ketchup Kerry was never sick.  She pretended to have some kind of malady so John could duck and cover from a few tough questions about Egypt and his little boat excursion.  The fact that MGH has nothing to say and neither does anyone in the family is proof of deception.    

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