Teresa Heinz in critical condition after being thrown under bus…

As always – I totally saw this coming….

John Kerry starts getting a few tough questions about why his lazy ass wasn’t in Washington while Egypt erupted into chaos – and suddenly his wife Teresa (Not Theresa, you common working class shlub!!) gets critically sick.  It is the new typical M.O. for a democrat politician.  Whatever it takes – change the subject – and a sick wife works well as an escape plan!  It seems that Thurston John Forbes Kerry was out on his yacht, and later entertaining guests at his summer home, while unbeknownst to him the Egyptian military was performing a political decapitation of the newly elected leadership of the country.  

“”Oh V3PN you’re crazy that never happens…She really is sick!!””

Remember Deval Patrick’s first few disastrous months in office as Governor of Taxachusetts?  He went and bought curtains for his office that cost about a million dollars and tried to stick it on the taxpayers.  Then he hired a former campaign fundraising Manager as a PR person for his wife – who is not even an elected official.  Then he tried to blame the state police for his decision to buy a $$$ Cadillac instead of the standard vehicle.  Remember how he was literally on the ropes only two months in and then suddenly, very suddenly, out of nowhere, his wife gets……wait for it…..here it comes….sick!  Yup, she was hospitalized for depression.  Who knew?  

Gosh, I wonder how Diane Patrick’s depression is doing – seeing as we have not heard a peep about it since that very day – 5 years ago.  But guess what?  Yup, the subject of all that stupid nonsensical spending by Deval was changed to how brave Diane is and how she is such a trooper. And Deval was by her side…  Did I mention that every story written about Teresa Heinz today mentions that Thurston John was by her side…(That means John Forbes Kerry is too busy to answer silly questions about little old world affairs – so don’t ask)

Here is the Terese Heinz story:  And though it doesn’t tell us what she suffered from, or what her condition is – it did find enough ink and free space to mention how she is a brave breast cancer survivor, a philanthropist and loves fighting for environmental causes.  The top notch journalists could tell you her life’s purpose, but couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her….

Sometimes democrat women have to throw themselves under the bus.  Remember how Hillary Clinton started getting some tough questions about Benghazi?  At first she bravely took responsibility for the deaths of 4 Americans at Benghazi – then she was scheduled to appear in front of a Congressional committee investigating the terrorist attacks and the resulting brutal deaths that included an American Ambassador.  And lo and behold….Hillary faints and hits her head.  She goes to the hospital and suddenly every newspaper in the world is writing about her bravery and brilliance, and of her heroic efforts as the most traveled SOS.  Of course, she called in sick to the hearing – and to whom did she call in sick?  Yup, John Kerry!!

When she finally did get ‘well enough’ to appear she did so with those ridiculous eyeglasses that stole everyone’s attention, and was a constant reminder to all that she is a frail little thing and nobody should dare ask any tough questions for fear of being seen as a brute.  Heck, I am a little surprised she didn’t show up on a gurney in a full body cast with a morphine drip attached to her left arm.  Now that would have been some drama!

When asked about his wife back in February Bill Clinton said:

Clinton said his wife had five hours of tests on Sunday and was told to “take it easy for another month.”

He said if her progress continues, “she’ll be completely recovered.”

In other words, she is still somewhat under the bus, but as soon as everyone forgets entirely about Benghazi (about a month) she will be back out on the campaign trail…

Can you imagine how it must have been for Deval Patrick and John Kerry to ask their wives to play sick in order to get them out of trouble?  What cowards they are!  What little men!  

“Gee Lovey, just pretend you have a fever or something until this whole Egypt thing blows over.  Then I promise I will take you for a nice ride on the Yacht.”


This is standard operating procedure for liberals.  When the going gets tough, throw the wife under the bus. And I guess the wives are okay with this.  Diane and Teresa and Hillary are back in the game and better than ever.  Funny about the timing though isn’t it?  Find a liberal politician that is facing scandal charges and you will find a $25 copay fee for his wife in hot pursuit.  That is the integrity of our liberal brethren in office..

I wonder when Michelle Obama will find herself desperately sick?  Her husband’s ratings are in the tank and he hasn’t created a job, other than his own, in 6 years.   I think as soon as Obamacare is fully implemented we will see Michelle collapse on the front steps of the Washington Monument.  Gosh, I hope she will be okay….

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