NH liquor sales hit record! How much from MA for NH state monopoly?

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All those Massachusetts patrons (and perhaps a few Vermonters and Mainers) buying liquor help propel this year’s record sales of $603 million for state-owned liquor stores.

Commission Chairman Joseph Mollica said relocation and renovation of 13 outlets, promotional campaigns, aggressive sales efforts and enhanced customer service practices contributed to setting the sales the record.

The New Hampshire State Liquor Commission regulates the sale of alcohol in the state. New Hampshire is one of 18 “control states” in the nation where the government directly controls the distribution of alcoholic beverages and regulates the industry, according to the agency’s website.

Are liquor prices in NH that much cheaper? An industry insider once suggested that NH doesn’t have an advantage on low-alcohol beverages but a very strong one on hard booze? What is everyone’s experience?

Government always has a way of catching up with you viz taxes. Avoid that 9 percent meals tax in NH! That tax on the Happy Meal cuts into the cost savings from the booze.  

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