MassGOP 2014 Convention Process Continues – Rules Committee

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The MassGOP Site Selection Committee has been meeting to visit various potential convention locations since it was formed at our last State Committee meeting back on May 16.  I don’t serve upon that committee so someone else will have to give the details on how that group is progressing.  However, I do know that they are active.

I can report that this evening  will be the first meeting of the MassGOP Rules Committee where we will begin the process of updating the 2010 rules to be applicable for our 2014 State Convention.

I served on the 2010 Rules Committee and now the 2014 version.  Last time we crafted a document that was inclusive and embracing.  By that I mean we opened the process up in several ways such as using mathematical formulas that virtually guaranteed the addition of delegates (such as rounding up at any decimal), the ex-officio status of town committee chairs (not just city committees), and the elimination of the requirement for candidates to gather petition signatures (as had been required in addition to a 15% minimum vote of delegates).

I don’t recall what occurred last time in this regard, but I fully expect that the finally adopted rules – which I expect will be done at our next State Committee meeting on September 16 – will be posted at and also distributed electronically to/through our State Committee members to our town/ward & city committee chairs of record (who should receive their own copies, directly).

If I recall correctly, the Rules Committee accomplished its work within 1 meeting last time around.  Here’s hoping it will take only a few meetings, or less, this time around.  The 2010 Rules were 9 pages long and much of the work is the updating of a calendar of scheduled dates.  Of course, anything can be considered and recommended to the full State Committee.

I expect that the Credentials Committee and the Platform Committee for our 2014 MassGOP State Convention will be formed by votes of the State Committee at the aforementioned meeting in September.  

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