Markey: Only a Republican Can Be Effective in House

Edward Markey was sworn in to the Senate today, creating a vacancy in the House of Representatives. Markey said that, as a Democrat in the Republican-led House, he had beed “stifled” and was unable to “make government work for every family.”

So what he’s saying is that, if Massachusetts wants an effective Representative in the House and a federal government that works, we should elect a Republican. Massachusetts has an entirely “stifled” delegation right now, and that increases the polarization and gridlock. So not only would we benefit from having a non-stifled voice in the House, but the whole country would benefit from the House becoming less polarized.

So that much is settled. We all agree we should replace him with a Republican. Who is running? So far Frank Addivinola has announced. Has anyone else? Will there be a primary?

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