Marisa DeFranco to run for Congress in MA 6th District

This evening on Nightside with Dan Rea, Democratic lawyer and activist Marisa DeFranco will be running against incumbent Congressman John Tierney. DeFranco is the second Democrat to announce a candidacy for the seat which long-time incumbent Tierney barely won in 2012.

Quick analysis: DeFranco will once again go up against the Democratic machine that denied her a slot in last year’s U.S. Senate fight which cleared the way for eventual winner Elizabeth Warren.

Could she beat putative Republican nominee Richard Tisei, who came very close in a Presidential election year? That’s an open question, though less likely given Tisei’s high profile and name recognition.

A three-way race helps the incumbent Tierney whom voters apparently have forgiven, but could weaken him should the Salem native prevail in the primary.

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  • …she denied herself the ability to gain 15% of the Dem Convention…not the “machine”.  Hell, she could only muster 3% of the vote.  She and her zealot followers antagonized those who could have helped her.  Now she’s out to play spoiler and help Tierney get nominated, only to lose to Tisei in an election that will have a more Tisei-friendly voter base.

  • KM, look at the numbers.  Tisei lost to Dan Fishman not Tierney.  I will always believe many of Fishman’s votes were anti-gay Republicans. Nonetheless, the Congress-eel from the Sixth District received less than 50 % and I get no sense that he has rebounded.  Otherwise, the Dems wouldn’t smell blood in the water.