Frank Addivinola for Congress

So, Democrat-lite Gabriel Gomez lost and Fast Eddie Markey won. shocker. Now theres gonna be a special election to replace Markey in the 5h Congressional district.

How about instead of nominating a Dem-lite like Gomez or having a big fight between the different factions of MassGOP, Republicans just rally behind a solid conservative candidate for once? Luckily a solid conservative candidate has announced:

On the Republican side, Frank Addivinola Jr., who lost in the primary for the chance to challenge Markey last year, announced his campaign Wednesday morning.

“My goal is to connect with the voters in the district and clearly communicate to them that the Republican Party is the party of working people, that the Republican Party is the party that will protect the middle class, that the Republican Party is the party that cares about the needy and disadvantaged and has better solutions to help people improve their lives,” Addivinola wrote in a campaign announcement.

That’s Frank Addivinola with a clear message that appeals to voters without apologizing for being a Republican. Sounds good, huh?

Heres his policy positions:

– pro-life

– against raising income tax rates

– for prioritizing balancing the budget

– pro-capital punishment

– pro-Second amendment

– pro-energy independence

– pro-traditional marriage

– for border security and against amnesty

– pro-business

Fast Eddie is gonna get sworn in after the FOurth of July, meaning that the special election will be  around early December, with the primary being in early or middle October or so. Let the Dems beat up on each other in the primary while we get behind a solid conservative candidate. Its the only way the GOP have a chance in this district. With the Dems already raising their special interest big bucks, Republicans dont have any time to waste!

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