Amash Amendment – How Would Candidates for MA-05 Have Voted?

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With the recent vote on the Amash amendment (click for more info) in the house to reign in NSA surveillance, i got to thinking: How would my future Congressman vote on the amendment?  

Now, I live in Holliston,  one of the southernmost towns in the Massachusetts Fifth Congressional District vacated by Ed Markey upon his coronation. So, I took to twitter to see just exactly how each of the candidates would have voted (minus Tom Tierney who’s twitter account is MIA).

That was two days ago, right as the amendment was being voted on. Would they side with Rep. Joe Kennedy in his support of the NSA surveillance program, or vote with the rest of the MA Congressional Delegation to curb back their surveillance programs roll call vote here.

So far, the only person to have responded is Carl Sciortino, who would have voted for the amendment. I applaud Rep. Sciortino on this. I disagree with the Representative on a great deal of things, but on this we squarely agree.

Karen Spilka (@Spilka4Congress), Katherine Clark (@SenKClark), William Brownsberger (@WBrownsberger), Peter Koutoujian (@PeterKoutoujian), Mike Stopa (@MikeStopaMA) and Frank Addivinola (@FrankAddivinola)  have yet to respond.

Please, take to twitter & Facebook and press these candidates on how they would vote. Everyone in Massachusetts, especially the voters of the Massachusetts Fifth Congressional District deserve to know where each candidate stands on this issue. Is it in line with the constitution and personal liberties, or with big-government?

I tweet @EJDooley.

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