Why I support Gabriel Gomez.

From my perspective, the most impressive thing about Mr. Gomez’ campaign has concerned his debate performances – in which he stood toe-to-toe with one of the most veteran Congressmen in office, and more than held his own.  I am keenly aware that that kind of thing is much harder than it looks; Gabriel demonstrated the poise, perspective and understanding that would serve him well as our United States Senator.  And this, remarkably, is only his first run for full-time office.

Can each of us find issues on which we disagree with Gabriel?  Sure.  But why?  As Americans, it is our duty to do what is best for our country – and we know that he stands closer to the principles that will best serve our country than does Congressman Markey.  We also know that the adherence to and advancement of those principles is critical for the success of our country.  We then know who it is to support tomorrow.  

As a party, we have never lost a special election for the United States Senate on a hot and humid day in June – let’s remain undefeated tomorrow.  Go Bruins, and Go Gomez!

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