“Scandal Plagued” Obama coming to fundraise for Ed Markey

Maybe this race is a little closer than we all think.  Gomez may, in fact, be in striking distance.  The Boston Herald is reporting that Barack Obama is coming to Boston for Markey.

U.S. Rep. Edward J. Markey is planning to bring in scandal-plagued President Obama to boost his campaign next week, according to two high-level state Democrats who received an emailed invite to the event.

Obama will stump for Markey at Copley Plaza at an 11 a.m. fundraiser next Wednesday, according to the sources.

“I think this is really shows how important the election of Ed Markey is to the president’s agenda, including the affordable care act,” said one Democratic source.

Will that be his only announcement of the day?  Will he be announcing a new Attorney General at the same time?

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