Patrick Admin: Shaunna O’Connell must pay $800 for EBT balance info

Last year a listener to the Howie Carr show gave Howie a receipt showing a $7000 balance on an EBT card.  Ever since, Shaunna O’Connell (R-Taunton) has been trying to get a list of the highest EBT card balances.  After the Patrick Administration wouldn’t answer her as a representative she filed a public records request with the department.  

That public records request went unanswered for longer than the period of time prescribed by law.  O’Connell then went to the Secretary of State’s office to force the Patrick administration to release the records. We learn today the Patrick administration now wants to charge $800 for the information. The Boston Herald has the story.

Shocked by a receipt showing one EBT user carrying a $7,000 balance, O’Connell in January first requested months worth of food stamp and cash benefit balances from the DTA.But after state officials repeatedly ignored her, she twice scaled back her request, including in an April letter asking for all balances from August, September and November 2012, and January through March of this year.On the heels of a Herald report last week that the DTA still hadn’t responded, officials sent O’Connell a letter yesterday, saying it would process her request for $800. An estimate sent by the state’s EBT vendor said it would take 10 hours, at $80 an hour, to find and produce EBT cards showing large balances.

What was that about the former Massachusetts Democratic Party Executive Director, Stacey Monahan, and a “commitment to change”?

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