Onward to the Next Special Eleciton: Help Carol Claros

Here’s a special election a conservative can get behind.  Carol Claros is running for the seat formerly held by John Fresolo in Worcester.  While the seat demographically is not the best for a Republican, Claros has many things going for her that may help with an upset.

First, Carol is a long time resident of the district with deep roots in the community. She has been very active in the community. As a nurse, she has helped run health clinics for low income residents.   The local media has taken note of her community service, long before she decided to run.

Second, like Leah Cole, Carol is an unabashed inner city conservative.  Through her personal experiences she can talk to her neighbors about how Democratic policies have hurt them.  She believes in limited government, she was a delegate to last year’s Republican National Convention as part of the Liberty Slate.

You can read about Carol’s platform here.

Like any race, Carol could use your help monetarily.  Please donate after the jump.

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