Nominate Someone Who Will Win This Time

OK, so the lesson should be pretty clear by now. Brown and Romney were the last Republicans to win elections here, and they were also the last Republicans to stand up for traditional marriage.

The Democrats will almost certainly nominate someone who is strongly in favor of gay marriage.

Let’s give the voters a choice in the Special Election to replace Ed Markey in the House of Representatives. Let’s nominate someone who will end same-sex marriage in the United States.

I do happen to live in the Fifth Congressional District, but any candidate should be able to take my idea and run with it. It is a very simple and straightforward argument that we should not allow people to attempt to reproduce with someone of the same sex, but marriage should allow reproduction.

And let’s not make the mistake of picking someone with pro-life baggage, or a Rand Paul extremist taking extreme anti-choice arguments. Again, Brown and Romney were pro-choice when they won. Gomez went all in on gay rights, but his pro-life positions and his gun positions and his tax positions sunk him. Those are winning issues for Democrats, but transgenderism and same-sex procreation are not.

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