National Dialogue Monitor: Gomez vs. Markey

With recent polling consistently indicating that the race is within single digits, TargetPoint Consulting decided to use our National Dialogue Monitor to track sentiment on the candidates for the upcoming Massachusetts US Senate special election. We gathered information from a broad range of media channels, including Twitter, websites, news media, and social media. Our infographic illustrates how tight this race remains, with less than two weeks left before the election.

Republican Gabriel Gomez, and Democrat Ed Markey are virtually tied in both the overall volume & sentiment of the respective information flows, which surround their campaigns. We also analyzed the top associations for both candidates. Gomez is primarily identified by a National Republican Senatorial Committee web ad, “Say Hello to Gabriel Gomez,” which introduces the former Navy SEAL to voters. This emphasizes the nature of his insurgent outsider campaign. Markey, on the other hand, is most associated with President Obama. While Massachusetts is a solidly Democratic state, the Gomez campaign has been attacking the congressman of 36 years for his establishment ties, and partisan record.

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  • All one really has to do is look back at what BMG and RMG were like during Brown/Coakley and Brown/Warren, then compare to today.

    You could feel the excitement for Brown.

    You could feel the excitement for Warren.

    Feel the excitement for Gomez?  Not to say that BMG is doing backflips for Markey, but there’s way more going on at BMG than RMG.

  • major vote in this truncated term being the vote for/against legalizing upwards of 50 million new voters, 70% of which will vote Democrat…..there is no difference in the candidates.

    Gomez will vote for it, Malarky will vote for it.


    I know…”…but but but there will be other votes….”

    None of which compares in significance.


  • Vote3rdpartynow