Mr. Markey Needs to Open his Military Records.

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In tonight’s debate Mr. Markey asked Mr. Gomez to open up on his private clients. Mr. Gomez answered the question in saying they were public employees to include the President of the United States.

Now the same standard needs to be applied to Mr. Markey on his military records.  

Mr. Markey served in the US Army Reserves from 1968 to 1973.  Mr. Markey went in the Army Reserve in 1968 and was drafted shortly after he entered the Reserves. The requirement for those who sign up, must serve in our Military is for six years. Mr. Markey served for only 5 years, why? Mr. Markey was opposed to the War in Vietnam and was a big Anti- War supporter.

Why was Mr. Markey released from his obligation 1 year early? Mr. Markey’s didn’t serve on Title 10 Active Duty for any length of time like former President George Bush did when he attended Flight School and Weapons School therefore Mr Markey didn’t  qualify for an early release.

Another question he should answer is how did Mr. Markey get into the New Hampshire Army Reserve? that just so happens to be where Tip O’Neil III, the son of Congressman Tip O’Neil was in.

Mr. Markey in tonight’s debate completely avoided the question on his Military record. Mr. Gomez did say he would compare his military record to Markey’s.

Finally the questions remain and the votes deserve an answer.  Why is Mr. Markey refusing to open his Military Records?

Why won’t Mr. Markey release his DD Form 214?

Why type of Discharge did Mr. Markey receive when he was release after only serving 5 years?

Did Mr. Markey get an Honorable Discharge? or was it a General Discharge. The Voters are waiting Mr. Markey.

Mr. Gomez stated to Mr. Markey, Lead or Get Out Of The Way, It’s now Time Mr. Markey man up and lead by releasing his Military Records so we can have the truth on Mr. Markey.

It’s now time Mr. Markey stops hiding his Military Record. The voters should demand Mr. Markey do this.

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