MA may stop mixed martial arts fight – due to excessive violence. Not!

As I scanned the Boston Herald online this morning I came across an article by Dave Wedge titled ‘State May KO UFC Fights’.  I thought for sure that nanny state Massachusetts may stop the UFC fights due to the violent nature of the sport.  

Although it has greatly improved over the years it remains a sport of incredible violence.  It is not uncommon to see men get their teeth knocked out, shoulders dislocated, ankles broken, etc.  Blood is a given!

But no.  The state is not thinking of stopping the fights due to violence, it is stopping the fights because it may not get some taxes.  As it seems, the many fighters that take part are often from other countries and therefore they have no social security numbers upon which to report income.  

But wait a minute – Massachusetts regularly allows foreign born folks with no social security number to work and earn an income.  We hear about it all the time and how we need to get them out of the shadows, right?  We have become a sanctuary state and many cities, like Cambridge, pride themselves on accepting illegal immigrants with no social security number to earn a wage without any kind of harassment.  In fact, Deval Patrick gives them tuition assistance and subsidized housing and EBT cards loaded with cash.  So why is this situation different?

Well, unlike illegal immigrants who decorate countless rooftops across the state as they lay shingles, UFC fighters earn millions of dollars!  They are paid large sums to take part in public fights and win massive endorsements from equipment and apparel companies.  Roofers, not so much!

So what it boils down to is this – the state will enforce the laws when and where it deems appropriate.  There is no real law, which is enforced and respected at all times and in all places.  The law is for politicians to use to generate revenue so they can win votes by passing out hack jobs.  

Can you imagine Deval Patrick demanding that a Mexican roofer named ‘Elizondo’ get a social security number before starting a job?  I can’t imagine that, but I know he will do it if ‘Elizondo’ wins $5MM in a prize fight and Deval can get his meathooks on a slice of that pie.

Its all about the money, and any assumption that Deval is out to protect worker’s rights and immigrant rights is absolute dogsh*t.  Deval is out for the money….

One last thought – if ever you are attacked in the street by an illegal immigrant, and you want that illegal immigrant put in jail, just claim it was a prize fight and the attacker stood to gain millions.  Otherwise the attacker will go free..

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