I Know It’s Only Hope & Change (But I Like It)

There I was, dutifully checking the in-box of my e-mail for the day, when suddenly I beheld an electronic missive from newly-elected National Republican Committeewoman Chanel Prunier. It wasn’t the usual mass-mailing piece that automatically winds up in my spam bucket. When I opened it, I was greeted with the following (partial) paragraph:

In my efforts in support of Republican candidates, I come across different items that I find are worthy of passing along: articles, events, and general information that may be of interest. So I’ve started a regular email list for my fellow political junkies and activists. If you think this has merit, I urge you to pass it along. If not, simply unsubscribe. You can also follow me on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you for all you do to bring better government and conservative values to our state.

After that, Prunier proceeded to provide a pdf version of a roll call vote taken on Republican Representative Geoff Diehl‘s amendment to the rules which would require the House conference committee budget to be posted online for 24 hours before a vote on it occurred (it failed but that’s another story for another day), a variety of news articles, press releases, & Op-Eds pertaining to major political issues, a calendar of GOP-based events/happenings, & a quick list of phone numbers belonging to contact people working on the special US Senate election for Gabriel Gomez.

Now what I’ve just described is not new if you’re a Democrat who takes something like the aforementioned e-mail from Prunier for granted due to the number of professional smooth operators within the party who keep its machinery thoroughly lubricated. But Prunier’s e-mail is the first time THIS Republican has received anything of its kind from a Massachusetts-based GOP national committee person. This suggests to me that Prunier might be serious about engaging the Republican grassroots in an effort to rebuild the party from the ground up.

Yeah, a part of me remains cynical since I’ve seen these types of tactics promulgated by past GOP state committee leaders & their enablers on Beacon Hill. But I’m willing to give Prunier the benefit of the doubt just to see if her kind of leadership is the real deal. To paraphrase an old song, I know what she offers is only hope & change – but I like it.

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