Housing Assistance Should be for our Residents

(Thank you representative Diehl for weighing in – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Today I filed an amendment to the housing bond bill to require Social Security Numbers in order to get housing assistance.

This is just common sense.  We have a wait list of people needing assistance.  Like the federal government requires, the state of Massachusetts needs to require a Social Security Number in order to get the benefit. Why should any legal resident have to wait behind a person who is not lawfully in our country?

Right now veterans, elderly and the disabled are given preference for housing, but there is no preference for a legal resident over an illegal alien in Massachusetts.  I believe it is time to give preference to legal residents.  Illegal immigrants should not be getting taxpayer funded benefits.  

We have people on wait lists.  It is crazy for our residents not to be first on the list. The hard working families in my district are tired of their tax dollars going to people who are not legal residents of our country.

My amendment would require applicants to supply a Social Security Number and that number to be verified. In 1977 there was a federal court decision that prohibits the state from inquiring about an applicant’s immigration status. I believes that it is now time to challenge the 36 year old ruling.  Technically it should be illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts.  I would hope that our Attorney General would fight on behalf of the Commonwealth’s legal residents.

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