Mass DOT: Happy Independence Day! Just make sure the state approves of anything you do!

(Only 4 states ban fireworks.  We’re one of them!  Foolishness. – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

I’m confused. I was driving up 395 the other night and saw a sign declaring that fireworks were illegal in Massachusetts and punishable by a fine or jail time. Obviously, this should serve as a great deterrent and remind people that these products, while legal in 46 other states, have absolutely no place in our fair Commonwealth.

So, I don’t understand how my neighborhood descended into hooliganism last night when I heard fireworks being lit off for over 2 hours from several locations, and yet heard no sirens wailing from law enforcement vehicles or heard the hum of State Police helicopters equipped with night vision seeking to apprehend the scofflaws involved. Don’t these people know that there’s a ban after all?

I am hopeful that as our Commonwealth and our nation celebrate our independence from tyranny, that our state government can do a much better job ensuring that no one celebrates independence any way other than in a government approved manner.

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