Gun Control Bills Heard This Month – Act NOW!!!

Dozens of gun control bills are having public hearings next week and the week after.  Supporters of our right to keep and bear arms are urged to attend, if possible.

Please contact your legislators and ask that they do not support Draconian new legislation that will do nothing but punish law abiding citizens who are legally, and safely, exercising their rights.

Whether you are concerned about self-defense, sporting use, liberty, or whatever motivates you – the time to speak up is now!

Massachusetts lawmakers announced today plans for public hearings this month in West Barnstable and Worcester on all bills dealing with firearms.

The Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security will meet at Cape Cod Community College at noon on Wednesday, June 19.

The panel plans a Wednesday, June 26 public hearing at Assumption College in Worcester.

Lawmakers anticipate testimony on 60 bills and topics ranging from gun licensing and regulation to hunting and safety issues.

I suggest contacting the Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) for more information.

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