Ed Markey’s Budget Explanation: Arithmetic is not Math

We now know why Ed Markey didn’t want to debate Gabriel Gomez.  It’s because he’s prone to say really dumb things.  Mostly it’s on policy, and his inability to understand basic economics.  It seems though his inability to understand even basic mathematical concepts is rooted in an inability to understand what is and isn’t math.  

Here, let Congressman Markey explain it to you.

That’s right folks, “it’s not math, it’s arithmetic.”

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  • Excellent video – thanks.  

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    $16,741,191,710,818 and counting…..

    It is estimated that before Obama leaves office the national debt of the United States will top $21,000,000,000,000 leaving every US family with a debt greater than their original home mortgage.

    And Joe Biden’s answer is more spending….