Dumb as a box of rocks at BlueMassGroup – Sorry Charley!

So I took the occasional stroll over to BlueMassGroup to see what kinds of liberties they want to outlaw now and I find an article from ProgressiveMass about the new rules that will overhaul the welfare system of Massachusetts.  The article is titled ‘New Assualt on the Poor’.  One of the rules that ProgressiveMass finds most disturbing is that the welfare office now wants you to prove that you are looking for work in order to get cash benefits.  BMG leader ‘Charley on the MTA’ found it so distasteful that he commented:

How do you “prove” that you’re looking for a job and can’t find one? I understand not wanting to encourage dependency, but I also understand not allowing people to starve. – promoted by charley-on-the-mta

So he/she is surprised that the state wants people to prove that they are making an effort to find work.  And how can this ‘statistical and logical impossibility’ be proven?  Well Charley, how about by using Massachusetts General Law?  

Oh, let’s try this little rule from the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, shall we :

In order to maintain eligibility for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits, Massachusetts General Law requires that you conduct an active search for work in each week in which you claim benefits. The Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance requires that as a condition of eligibility you must;

1.make a minimum of three work search contacts in each week that benefits are claimed;

2.keep a written log of those work search contacts;

3.provide a work search log to DUA upon request.

Crazy, ain’t it?  All the geniuses over at FoolMassGroup never knew that you had to look for work in order to find work – I guess that is how it works when your income comes from taxpayer funds…Or a trust put in your name by dear old Papa and Momsie…

ProgressiveMass also calls the new proposal ‘laughable’ because it won’t let recipients of welfare be out of the state for more than 30 days while collecting.  Had they had a rule like that before then maybe Tamerlan Tsarnaev would have been stopped from traveling to mother Russia to learn how to make bombs for the marathon festivities..?!?!

Very simply, any attempt to slow the rushing floodwaters of welfare to Democrat voters, which longterm welfare recipients generally are, will be seen as an affront to humanity.

Best of all ProgressiveMass asks the motive behind all this reform:

My question – what problem are we solving??

Gosh, I can’t imagine what problem could be solved by asking people to make a simple effort to look for work while others fund their lifestyle.  Maybe, confidence in government?  Maybe a sense of respect for those who help you in times of need?  Maybe to dissuade slothfulness?  Maybe to discourage the multi generational plague of welfare?  Maybe, just maybe they are asking in hopes that someone will find satisfaction in work and accomplishment?  Sorry Charley!

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