Breaking: Latest Poll: MA Senate race a statistical tie 45-44.

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I have thought this all week long.  This race is much closer than people think!  

So why does Mooch-elle Obama make a special trip to Boston to help Ed Markey campaign for the Senate?  Why does the President make the same trip a week later even though his administration is embroiled in no less than 4 major scandals?  With the IRS scandal; the NSA data diving scandal, the Benghazi scandal and the Associated Press scandal all swirling around the White House the President makes a trip to Boston to help Ed Markey campaign for the Senate?  It just doesn’t make sense, unless the candidate is in big, big trouble.

Well recent polls show that the Democrat candidate Ed Markey is indeed, in big trouble.  

According to McLaughlin and Associates, a firm that often works for Republican candidates, 45 percent of likely voters in Massachusetts support Markey, while 44 percent support Gomez and 11 percent remain undecided. The election is on June 25.

Say what you want about the polling firm and how it tends to work with Republican candidates, but I am positive that Markey’s internal numbers are very similar.

This is a fantastic development.  Markey is outspending Gomez by about 3:1 and he has the Menino machinery and the Elizabeth Warren machinery in full swing and he can’t budge the numbers!  Ed Markey is in big f*ckin trouble folks!

Part of the problem is that Markey has huge unfavorable ratings – they are almost as high as his favorable ratings.  This is important because people who are currently unfavorable to Markey are less likely to pull the lever for him in the voting booth.  They are far more likely to try a new guy.  In other words – Ed Markey has all the votes he is gonna get right now.  The folks who have yet to make up their minds are more likely to break in favor of Gomez.  

With 3 weeks left until election day we need to get the word out to people that ‘Ed Markey is part of the problem with Congress.  He is not a change agent and he is not a doer’.  He has spent 37 years in congress and the only thing he has accomplished is getting us to pay 4 times as much for light bulbs that kill us when they break.  He is a partisan carpetbagger and he clearly is not the intellectual giant the progressives on the far far far left want us to think.

This race is winnable for Gomez…

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