AUDIO: Bump vigorously defends DTA audit against Patrick criticisms

Yesterday, Suzanne Bump, the Auditor of the Commonwealth, talked for over a half hour to Tom Duggan, the editor of the Valley Patriot.  Duggan has a weekly radio show on WCAP in Lowell, called Paying Attention.  During the interview, Bump vigorously defended her audit of the Department of Transitional Assistance against the onslaught of Governor Patrick.

Duggan has provided a transcript of the interview, at the Valley Patriot’s website.  Bump was very adamant during the interview that the Patrick Administration is playing a game of trying to discredit the Audit using smokescreens.  

We didn’t get pushback on the findings that we had [at DTA] when we matched the heads of household and the Social Security death list, they didn’t give us pushback on that.

What they did give us pushback on was, they said that our number of 178 dependents whose Social Security numbers were either dead or people using dead Social Security numbers, they [DTA} said that was wrong, but they wouldn’t allow us to test how it is that they reached their conclusions about it.

And without our ability to test it, we can’t accept it because that’s the whole essence of auditing. You get the data and you have to verify it.

This is an interview that everyone interested in State Government should listen to.  It’s non-confrontational, and lays out the facts.  Good on Bump for agreeing to do it.

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