Who should have run?

I’m pretty disappointed in tonight’s results. I wasn’t impressed with Gomez during the campaign and his letter to Deval was bad and unforgiveable in my book.

In fact, he was about as awful as you can get during the debates, bad on the radio, and shaky at best on policy.  

I was confident Sullivan was going to win and would have been ok if Winslow won as well. But Gomez comes across as a phony and his campaign was a joke.

I’m unsure if I’ll vote for him in June (although I say that now being aggrivated….I will most likely vote for him  because Markey is bad and I’m still aggrivated with Sullivan’s loss tonight), but maybe we should ask who should have run, but  who didn’t. Maybe if we had better candidates, we would have a better chance in June.

Essential Question: Who should have run who didn’t?

My list:

Sean Bielat

Bob Hedlund

Mike Knapik

Shauna O’Connell

Jim Ogonowski

Mary Z. Con

Joe Malone

Tom Hodgson

Thoughts??? Who would have been your ideal candidate pick????

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  • Add Jeff Beatty to that list…

  • MerrimackMan

    End of story.

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    And I still hate Suzanne Bump.  She scares little children.  

  • Red Mass Group who claims to represent “real” conservative Republicans — and only berate us Saltonstal/Sargent RINOs– clearly are a minority of the people who pick up Republican ballots. Gomez won it on his own, with the help of us RINOs.