Who lied? Murray or Deval’s team?

(I’m going with Tiny Tim. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Let’s think about this.  Why is Tim Murray or the Patrick administration lying about why Tim Murray is leaving on the way out the door?  They have two different stories on his departure so someone has to be lying.  

Deval Administration via the Boston Globe:

“But the administration was engaged in trying to help Murray land a job in the private sector, according to a person familiar with those efforts.”

Tim Murray himself:

“I wasn’t actively pursuing any job.”

So either he was pursuing a job with help, or he wasn’t.  There is no reason for the administration to lie about helping, nor is there anything illegal about looking for a new job.  But then Murray says he wasn’t looking for a job?  

Call me crazy but I think the truth matters.  

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