VIDEO: American First, Republican Second


“When I walk through CPAC or I travel the United States to meet people in the Tea Party who care – black, white, gay, and straight – anyone that’s willing to stand next to me to fight the progressive left, I will be in that bunker. And if you’re not in that bunker because you’re not satisfied with [a certain] candidate, more than shame on you! You’re on the other side!" — Andrew Breitbart


I loved listening to Andrew Brietbart. He was a true inspiration and the ultimate "Happy Warrior." And I agree with him 100%, if you aren't satisfied with our candidate MORE THAN SHAME ON YOU! Your guy lost. For better or worse, he lost.  

The people who stayed home in 2012, who would rather be right than win an election, are why we have an Obama second term and to some degree a Senator Warren. Gabriel Gomez understands importance of a strong defense, Markey doesn't. Gabriel Gomez isn't going to raise our taxes, Markey will. Gabriel Gomez is against Obamacare, and Markey wants to take it further.    He is all that stands between  one of the most left wing, progressives in politics and the United States Senate. The ramifications of a Senator Markey could be felt for DECADES.

If we repeat what happened in 2012, we'll get the same result. I will join him in his fight, because I'm an American first and a Republican second.   Two weeks ago I made the following speech borrowing a few elements from Andrew in front of both Gabriel Gomez and Michael Sullivan at The Mass College Republican Convention. Time to rally around the guy who won. Period.    

No more complaining, let's win.


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