Turn Post Office into Identity Verification Service

The Constitution gives Congress the power and the responsibility to “establish Post Offices and post Roads.” That implies a duty to make sure that all mail gets to the intended recipient securely, including electronic mail. It implies a system to verify identity and residency of all citizens, as a letter is seldom addressed merely to an address but usually – critically – to a specific person. The post office is expected to forward mail to a person’s current address, whether its down the street or in another state, and keep record of where people live and who lives where.

This implies that a national database of residency and identity information is not only Constitutional, but a Constitutional obligation, and one that is not being met by Congress.

Citizens can be registered to vote in only one district in the whole country, but there is no national database to purge voters who have registered to vote in many states and districts. It seems to me that the Post Office is already a national identity service and should move into the 21st Century by becoming the Identity Verification Service where people go to establish their residence and identity and register to vote, get their passport, get their Driver’s License and ID cards, and prove their identity and residence.

We are not doing enough to protect people from identity theft and prevent fraud, and what we are doing is too redundant and full of holes. No one checked my ID when I registered to vote and changed my address recently, I could have been someone else saying I was me. Voter registration shouldn’t be handled by city clerks anyhow, since it is a federal right and needs to be in a federal database. The Post Office needs to be expanded to provide secure electronic delivery and verify residency and identity.  

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