Obama endorses Ed Markey – kind of….Maybe….Sorta…

Sometime over the last few days Republican Senate candidate Gabe Gomez called Ed Markey ‘pond scum’. Of course the liberals and progressives on the left, who are comfortable calling people ‘Nazis, Racists and Haters’, took great offense to the term ‘pond scum’.  So I thought I might do a little fact checking.

‘Pond Scum’ is defined literally as ‘free floating green algae’.  Now it is true that Ed Markey is free floating as his position on the issues is about as free floating as any human can get.  He was for it before he was against it – abortion, gay marriage, higher taxes, etc.  It is also true that Ed Markey is as ‘green’ as any human can get.  By that I mean Ed Markey supports and uses taxpayer dollars to support ‘green’ causes whether or not they help the environment.  Example: hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on Solyndra and not one benefit was ever received by that money as the company was destroyed.  As for algae – Ed Markey is not algae.

Now of course, Gomez may have been calling Ed Markey ‘pond scum’ in a less literal sense.  The Urban dictionary defines ‘pond scum’ as a “Primitive life form.  A person without principals or morals.  A useless person”.  In each example Gabe Gomez seems to be exactly right – at least based on Ed Markey’s voting record.  Aside from forcing the use of mercury based light bulbs, which are dangerous for children and adults, he has not accomplished much in his 37 year history with the US House of Reprehensibles.  

What I don’t understand is why the progressives are offended – pond scum is going to be the savior of the human race!  By that I do not mean Ed Markey, but literally pond scum, or so says Barack Obama.  Last year, while pushing his new energy initiative,  Obama made the following statement:

“You’ve got a bunch of algae out here, right?  If we can figure out how to make energy out of that, we’ll be doing all right.”

This may have been an actual endorsement for Ed Markey!  Ed Markey is pond scum and we need pond scum to solve our energy problems.  Or maybe Barack Obama was suggesting we turn Ed Markey into energy?!?!  Not quite sure now that I think of it…

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I like this article better: “Is Pond Scum a Green Scam”?

Either way, take the survey and let me know if you think Ed Markey is pond scum.

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