MassGOP Summit – September 7, 2013

    I’ve already, long ago, made plans to attend and I strongly encourage all of my State Committee colleagues & legislative caucus members to do the same.  The following is a letter distributed at our MassGOP State Committee meeting, last Thursday, by State Committeeman Brian Burke.  I wanted to share it with everyone as its crucial that our local GOP committees and activists are kept in close communication and understanding as to what transpires at, and with, the State Committee.

Massachusetts Republican State Committee Summit

Saturday, September 7, 2013

   The Massachusetts Republican State Committee Summit is on target for its rescheduled date of Saturday, September 7, 2012 at the Beechwood Hotel and conference Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.  At present, we are planning an event that will last approximately from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM, with a one hour lunch break.  We are also looking into a dinner the night before, with reduced hotel room rates for those who wish to stay overnight.

   The focus on the Summit will be on the role and responsibility of the GOP State committee members.  We’ll start off as a group listening to other members individually – as many as willing – put into plain words why they decided to run for the State Committee.  After breaking out into focus groups, the members in attendance will come up with a generalized role for the State Committee, leading to development of a mission statement for the Massachusetts Republican Party.  But the Summit’s emphasis will not be on imposing “one size fit all” objectives for each of the 40 State Senate Districts across the Commonwealth.  In the next part of the Summit, the individual State Committee members will themselves draw up a list of measureable goals that each commits to be held accountable to cover the rest of their term.

   The focus of the Summit is on each one of us.  We, the representatives of the Republican Party in this Commonwealth, cannot change the Massachusetts electorate overnight.  But we can rethink how we should be doing our jobs and then re-dedicate ourselves to our individual and collective objectives.  And by publicly enumerating those objectives, we can develop a mutually shared vision for the Republican State Party for the next three years.

   If you don’t come to learn, please come to teach

   The members of the Summit Planning Committee are the Chair, Kirsten Hughes, Brent Andersen, Brian Burke, Angela Davis, Patricia Doherty, Rick Green, Mindy McKenzie-Hebert, Nate Little, Executive Director.

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