Massachusetts in 1976

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Jay Carney, White House Spokesman, reported yesterday at a press conference that the Benghazi terrorist attacks ‘happened a long time ago’.  Benghazi doesn’t seem that long ago to me..  What does seem a long time ago are memorable events in Massachusetts in 1976.  Afterall, it was 36 years ago.

Some things in 1976 I remember well, and some that I can’t possibly remember as they hadn’t happened yet.  For instance, a hamburger at McDonalds cost only 15 cents.  What a treat it was to get a hamburger, French fries and a coke on Saturday night.  Another thing I remember well was the premiere of a new television show called ‘Laverne and Shirley’.  It was a comedy about 2 inner city women that worked at a bottling plant in Milwaukee or somewhere…  Do you remember that show?  Even back then I remember being a die hard Red Sox fan and it is hard to believe that we would have to wait another 28 years before we would see a hometown player hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy over his head.  How about busing in Boston?  Do you remember the fights and riots and Judge Garrity?  

Things that had not happened yet are perhaps even more amazing.  Our beloved Tom Brady was a year away from birth.  The initial planning stages of the Big Dig were 6 years away and Larry Bird was a Junior at Indiana State.  I imagine most of the people that are reading this post were not yet born…

Gosh, it seems so long ago, compared to Benghazi. It also seems so long ago because it was the year that a former ice cream truck driver named Ed Markey was elected to the House of Representatives.  Ed Markey has been serving in the House for 36 years.  He hasn’t changed.  

In 36 years everything has changed.  Larry Bird’s career as a player are long, long gone.  Tom Brady, who wasn’t even born yet is beginning the final years of his career in the NFL.  The Big Dig is in place, even though it seemed to take forever, the Red Sox have won the big game a couple times now.  

Back then we could never have imagined that desktop and laptop computers would rule the world along with handheld devices that could connect you to anyone anytime.  Truthfully, I don’t think I had any idea what a computer was about in 1976.  We could not have imagined flat screen high definition televisions and the advent of 3D screens.  Cars that get 40 plus miles per gallon.  Everything has changed – except Ed Markey.  The same guy, year after year after year.  

36 years is enough.  36 years of blocking the economic progress of a country that needs jobs.  36 years of disrespecting women by reducing them to abortion voters.  36 years of creating red tape and higher taxes.  36 years is a lifetime to many of us.  Time for Ed Markey to go.  Everything else is Massachusetts has changed.  We have seen our first women Senator elected.  We have seen our first black Governor and first black President.  36 years of nothing but steady ‘roadblock’ Eddy Markey.  

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