Enact “Natural Marriage and Reproduction Act”

The text should say something like this:

Only a man and a woman may be married in the United States. Attempting to create a person by any means other than the union of a sperm of a male person and an egg of a female person shall be a crime punishable by a $10 Million Dollar fine and 20 years in prison. Marriage approves and allows procreation of offspring. No state shall prohibit a married couple from procreating offspring using their own unmodified gametes, or declare a couple married that is prohibited from procreating offspring.

Congress needs to take this step to preserve natural reproduction and marriage rights and prevent dangerous and unethical attempts at same-sex and transgendered reproduction, and avoid the unnecessary expense of entitlements, research and regulations. The absence of a law  is irresponsible and causing permanent harm to children who are being taught that they can be either sex and marry someone of either sex. The false assumption that people have a right to attempt to reproduce with someone of the same sex and can be either sex needs to be quashed, ASAP.

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