Ed Markey Video: ’20 years ago almost no one had broadband’. Duh!

(Ed Markey is spending so much time in Maryland that he thinks google and facebook are headquartered here in Mass… – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Maybe that is because 20 years ago broadband was not available!  

Broadband was not commercially available until about the year 2000, which is only 13 years ago – Ed!  Prior to that people used dial up connections to the Internet.  In fact, ‘broadband’ was just a buzz word of the National Information Infrastructure Act which came about in the 1990’s.  The results of this Act would not be implemented for several years.  So any idea that almost no one had broadband 20 years ago (1993) is like saying almost nobody had a microwave oven in 1946 (the year Ed Markey was spawned born).  Duh!

Worse yet, if you watch the video, the people speaking suggest that Ed Markey’s efforts to break up telecom monopolies was crucial in getting all the websites named (Facebook, Google, Skype) available to everyone.  What?  What does breaking up telecom monopolies have to do with the creation of Facebook or Skype?  Those are websites!  Ed’s argument simply doesn’t make sense!

To make the argument that breaking up telecom monopolies created websites is like saying that ‘paving a road created the hybrid car’.  Oh wait a minute, I get it, this is another one of those Elizabeth Warren type arguments that infrastructure spending causes business.  Remember ‘You drove your product to market on roads we paid for’?  Yup, now its Ed’s turn to suggest that you sold your product on websites he helped create by breaking up telecom monopolies.  Its right out of the progressive handbook – government spending causes progress…

I wonder if he will also take credit for the other websites on the Internet?  Websites like Youtube, which Tamerlan Tsarnaev used to learn to make bombs and preach his hate of America?  Will Ed Markey also take credit for website offering pornography?  I guess those websites would also have come about by Ed Markey’s remarkable work breaking up telecom monopolies.  

Problem is – most low information voters like ‘you-know-who’ will truly believe Ed had anything to do with the Internet.

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