Chanel Prunier for Republican National Committeewoman

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One week from today, the MassGOP State Committee will gather once again at the Newton Marriott. Among other topics, our agenda includes the election of a new Republican national committeewoman to replace former Lt. Gov Kerry Healey. I plan to vote for Chanel Prunier because I strongly believe that she is the best choice for the position.

Thirteen months ago, I wrote in this forum in support of Chanel, and I cast my first vote as a member of the state committee in support of her candidacy. At that point, I didn’t know Chanel personally all that well. I think I had met her maybe once before the vote was taken, although I certainly knew of her reputation as a smart and energetic supporter of Republican candidates at all levels.

Since then, I have had the privilege of working with Chanel on the MassGOP’s Candidates Committee, and I have found her even more impressive than described. Her knowledge of local, state, and federal politics in Massachusetts is nearly unparalleled, and she has proven tremendously able to provide financial, strategic, and really any type of advice to myriad candidates in our party.

The recent special election in the 12th Essex District is a particularly good example of this. Along with many others, Chanel was instrumental in helping elect Leah Cole as the 30th member of the Republican caucus in the Massachusetts House, even though Rep. Cole’s district had been represented by Democrats for decades previously. I know that numerous other state representatives would credit Chanel with being similarly influential in their victories as well, particularly those who were first elected in 2010.

Chanel and I don’t see eye-to-eye on every matter; in fact, we supported different candidates in the recent primary for US Senate. Nonetheless, I believe that the role of the national committeewoman is less to set policy, and more to focus on strategy and fundraising. I believe that Chanel’s proven ability to raise lots of money very quickly, and her longstanding commitment to achieving increased Republican success at every level from school committee to Senate, make her an excellent candidate to serve as national committeewoman.

State committeewoman Helen Hatch (4th Middlesex) and Rep. Sheila Harrington (1st Middlesex) are also running. Helen has a long history of service to our party, and Rep. Harrington has done yeoman’s work in fighting for our beliefs and our values against long odds on Beacon Hill. All three candidates are conservatives, and I believe that either one would serve our party well. For the reasons outlined above, however, Chanel would be best able to fill the role of national committeewoman.

If you are a member of the state committee, I very much hope you will join me in supporting Chanel on May 16th. If you are not, please encourage your state committee members to vote for Chanel; you can find their contact information here ( I look forward to working with Chanel and everyone else to turn Massachusetts red (or at least more red) over the weeks, months, and years to come.

The writer is the state committeeman for the Middlesex and Suffolk District.

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