Boston Herald: Boston Bombing MASTERMIND Buried. Mastermind, really?

News agencies are now reporting that Tamerlan Tsarnaev has been buried. says the location is outside of the state of Massachusetts and claims he was a mastermind.  Both newspapers should be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating an entire state of uninformed citizens.

First, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was no mastermind.  He was a 26 year old marginally educated, unemployed, low-skill boxer with a distorted set of religious beliefs that includes an extreme belief in Islamic Jihad.  Not exactly Mensa material!  

Second, why are we not being told where the body is?  Is that another one of those secrets that is too important for us taxpayers to know?  We see that idea a lot under Deval Patrick, don’t we?  We have no right to see his welfare files, but we are forced to contribute to his ‘Mercedes’ lifestyle.  We are not allowed to peek inside the UMASS files to learn more about the accomplices, but we must partially fund their education without question.  We will not be told where Tamerlan’s body is buried, but we paid tens of thousands of dollars in police details to protect his body while it lay in a Worcester funeral home.

These outward signs of contempt for the taxpayers are symptomatic of a democratic state in which the government is elevated above the people.  We are no longer ‘of the people, and by the people’.  It seems to be ‘instead of the people’.  No doubt when Deval Patrick is asked why the burial location is a secret he will tell us it is to protect the privacy of the Tsarnaev family.  They will always get priority over us, the taxpayers and citizens.

Through it all the Democrats will scream ‘victory’ in the handling of the Boston Marathon bombings.  One terrorist is dead and another captured, while accomplices go to court.  This is victory to Democrats.

I see something very different – I see dead people, botched communications with the FBI, terrorists killing citizens, manhunts in Watertown resulting in 4th amendment violations, mounting expenses to protect and defend the killers, covert actions by state officials to keep people out of the loop, and the list goes on.  

Only in Massachusetts!

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