Be prepared: Draft Jon Fetherston for Congress from Markey’s district?

PPP gives Fast Eddie Markey a 4 point lead over Gabriel Gomez. Emerson gives Markey a 6 point lead. WBUR gives Markey a 6 point lead too, 8 points if you count leaners. Suffolk gives Markey a whopping 17 point lead (outlier much?).

Of course anything can happen in the next two months and its anybody’s ballgame. And Gomez ain’t helping his case with news coming out about his 280,000 dollar tax “scam” today. (I didn’t listen to Howie Carr’s show today, but you know if it was a Democrat taking that tax money, Howie’s whole show would have been about that.) The bottom line is that Markey can win. If Markey does win, his House seat opens up for a special election. The Democrat candidates are already raising tons of dough

State Senator Katherine Clark of Melrose narrowly led the way with $262,000, and had $257,000 in cash in the bank at the end of March. State Senator Will Brownsberger of Belmont raised $257,000, and had $247,000 in cash the bank at the end of last month. And State Representative Carl Sciortino of Medford raised $152,000, and had $139,000 in cash in the bank at the end of the quarter.

You can bet that right this second all of them are yanking cash out of Democrat wallets. So even if your working for that Democrat-lite Gabriel Gomez, its stupid to not be prepared. I remember this from a few months ago

Former Ashland Selectman Jon Fetherston Thursday pulled nomination papers for the U.S. Senate special election and said he will spend the next three weeks collecting the necessary 10,000 signatures to get his name on the ballot.

Fetherston, a true conservative and a team player, backed out of the Senate race and endorsed Michael Sullivan when Sullivan got in. But Fetherston was ready to move forward with a Senate run. He lives in Ashland, right in Eddie Markey’s House district. If Markey wins the Senate seat, we need a House candidate. How about Jon Fetherston? Anybody know if he’ll run? Draft effort?

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