“You cannot invade mainland United States, there will be a gun behind every blade of grass”

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Admiral Yamamoto stated these now famous words:

You cannot invade mainland United States, there will be a gun behind every blade of grass”

I am not going to question the strategy or tactics used in the apprehension and arrest of terrorist number 2 in Watertown, Massachusetts over the weekend.  I think everyone acted bravely and with the best knowledge available.  But now that we have been through this once, should we make the same decisions the next time?

The decision I am referring to is the one to force all residents of Watertown, and surrounding towns, to stay locked in their homes until the terrorist was apprehended.  Especially in light of the fact that it was a private citizen that ultimately led law enforcement to the terrorist.

Isn’t the strength of this great nation in part due to the power it’s citizens have?  Few countries have ever tried to openly attack us, and until this weekend no enemy combatants have ever tried to use a ground assault on US soil.  That is what happened in Watertown!

This attack, including bombs, guns and presumably other weapons was being staged not in some far away land, but in OUR suburbs.  It was happening where we live and work.  It was in someone’s back, side and front yards!  The war on terror came to your neighborhood.

And what will we do next time it happens? (Hoping that it never happens again)  Will we be told by authorities to run and hide behind locked doors – or will we be told to exercise the true power of the American people and meet these terrorists head on with force?  

Trust me, we will regret it if the next time this happens we cower like sissies behind the couch.  That is what they want – fear from us.  

Isn’t it better to act bravely and do the very thing that Todd Beamer did when he yelled the now famous words ‘Let’s roll” on September 11th, 2001?  Or will you allow the elected officials and federal agents to tell you to sit down, put on your seatbelt and wait for the crash.

If and when terrorism comes to my town, and I am faced with the question of how best to defend my wife, children and property the answer will not be to hide and scream like a girl and wait for some bureaucrat to lead the charge.  Nope, I will not allow my yard to be an occupied territory of a radical Islamist or any other enemy combatant.  I intend to fight…

What would you do if terrorists came to your yard – or when they come to your yard?  Will you run and hide – or will you get out your weapons, still protected by the second amendment, and shoot the next terrorist that runs across your front yard?  

Every time this happens we have to learn how to do it better the next time around.  Again, I am not questioning what politicians and law enforcement did the first time in Watertown, but what will we do the next time?  Wouldn’t guns help the situation?  Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if a neighborhood group had found this guy in a half hour instead of 15 hours?  Wouldn’t it have made people feel safe to know that their neighbors are willing to gather up their arms to defend the nation and the neighborhood?  Isn’t that what the Minutemen did and how we secured the nation in the past?  

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