Who knew, and when did they know it?

First off, I’m not a conspiracy theorist person. I also was not supporting Green at the last chair election. Today, some new information has came to light courtesy of David Bernstein with an interesting post today on his blog. http://blog.davidsbernstein.co…

On January 28, three days before the MassGOP vote, the Brown Victory Committee – a PAC vehicle to raise money for Brown’s federal committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee – transferred the bulk of its remaining funds, $116,713.42, to the Massachusetts Republican Party.

So while the Brown announcement supposedly caught everyone off guard, and we were led to believe that even Hughes was in the dark, apparently this is not the case. While I hardly doubt this information was privy to anyone at the SC level, it’s more than likely that at least MaGinn, Kaufman, and the finance people at both the Brown campaign and MASS GOP knew of the transfer.

Which leads to this, Hughes KNEW that Brown wasn’t going to run as of January 28th, while 2 days later she and her committee were still stating that Brown would not run if she wasn’t the chair.

Somebody has some splain’ to do and better do it fast.

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