What happened with Transpo Taxes last night? With Roll Calls…

Here’s a rundown of what happened yesterday on Beacon Hill in regards to Speaker DeLeo’s massive $500M tax increase.  The final bill passed with a vote of 97-55.  The 55 votes is seemingly enough to sustain Governor Patrick’s veto (Roll Call 69 – PDF).

A coalition of all house Republicans, conservative Democrats, Democrats in GOP leaning districts, and progressive Democrats voted against the proposal.  Many of the progressive Democrats who voted against final passage, voted against removing each of the taxes in the bill.  Notably Danielle Gregoire of Marlborough and Denise Andrews of Orange.

There were also a series of votes on each of the taxes in the bill and taking the Big Dig Debt out of the MBTA.

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Carl Sciortino’s amendment, which was similar to a GOP amendment, to move the Big Dig debt out from under the MBTA.  This went down on a vote of 46-105 with all Republicans and 17 democrats voting for it (Roll Call 48 – pdf).

F. Jay Barrows’ (R-Mansfield) amendment to decouple the gas tax from automatic inflation increases was defeated on a vote of 42-107 (Roll Call 64 – pdf).  

An amendment by Minority Leader Brad Jones, to strip the 3 cent gas tax increase out of the bill also failed by a vote of 48-103 (Roll Call 56 – pdf).  This means that six representatives voted against the gas tax but voted to keep it rising for ever. This includes Josh Culter, who is in one of the most GOP leaning districts in the state.  He voted against a 3 cent increase today, but for perpetual increases tomorrow.

There were also votes on removing all the other taxes from the bill.  You can see all the amendments here  and you can search for all roll calls here.

This evening, Red Mass Group will show roll calls on all amendments.

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