Thank you all… My initial thoughts

Below is what I posted on facebook a few moments ago.  Mostly for friends and family, many of whom lost a good friend on 9/11, Brian Kinney of Lowell.  We also had another family member, and alumni in my cousin Ron and his family hurt in this heinous attack.  It’s pretty raw, but what I’m thinking right now.  Before you read the facebook post, I want you all to know that your generosity to a family you don’t know, and more importantly to their friends, the corcorans, whom I have never met either, is truly amazing.  We raised together over $300,000 for their recovery, and many of you quietly have offered so much more.  

Below is what I just posted.

What an emotionally draining week. Starting to catch up with a lot of us. Thank you to all the first responders, especially my family’s hero Robert Wheeler. We will forever be in your debt. Anything you need Robert, anything, just ask. We’ll find a way to get it done.

So happy that we got one of these guys alive. It will give us a chance to prosecute him, bring justice to all of us, and get answers. Not about his motivations, we know those, but was he working with others. Are there other people we can immobilize to stop more attacks.

Its amazing when you think of it, so many of us in the St. Joseph’s High School, and Franco American community knew one of the victims of 9/11. Then one of our own was also hurt in this terrorist attack. What are the odds of that. But we will get thorugh this, as we got through that.

The biggest thing the world learned is that we don’t back down. Where others may have run away from danger, Americans like Robert Wheeler run towards it. They put themselves in danger to help total strangers. We don’t back down, no we don’t back down. And we do so out of a love of place, out of a love of country, out of a love of our fellow man. We don’t need govenrment to tell us to help, we just know it is the right thing to do.

That’s what I hope is the everlasting thing we learn from this. We don’t need anybody else, because we have ourselves. God bless you all, and you know what, have a drink celebrate our great nation and our great citizenship.

Be safe, Be #bostonstrong!

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