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April 10, 2013


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(Abington, MA)- While two months late, President Obama has finally released his budget proposal. Included is: $3.8 trillion in spending; $600 billion in tax hikes ($100 billion in hikes to middle-income earners); $130 billion  in cuts to Social Security and other benefits; and cuts in funding to LIHEAP–heating for the poor; while only reducing the deficit by $1.8 trillion–a reduction that spans an entire decade. U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Sullivan released the following statement on the Obama Budget:

“This proposal does little to actually address the economic and budgetary issues facing our country and simply kicks the can down the road for real reform. Increasing spending on the backs of our middle class and our most vulnerable members of our society-our seniors-is not the answer. The accounting trick proposed by this Administration will reduce Social Security payments to our seniors by hundreds of dollars per year. For people living on a fixed income, this is simply not feasible and appears to be more of a scare tactic and political move, than a real budget.

“We need policies that spur economic growth for the short and the long term. We need to encourage businesses to grow and hire and make sure our middle class and seniors are not taking the brunt of the bad policies of the past several years. The best solution to our economic woes is to spur the economy–increasing taxes on those we hope to expand their hiring base is not going to address that.

“As I have been proposing throughout this campaign, what we need is real tax reform and real solutions to fix our floundering economy. Let’s flatten tax rates as both Presidents Kennedy and Reagan proposed. Let’s reduce the corporate tax rate and eliminate costly and burdensome regulations.  

“The paltry proposal of reductions to spending and the deficit is not bold and thoughtful leadership. We need honest and tough decisions to get our nation’s fiscal house in order. The ‘new normal’ is not working, and this Obama Budget is simply more of the same.”  


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