Special Committee / SC Elections

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I received the following email, sent by MassGOP Executive Director Nate Little, earlier today.  The title here is the title used in the email.

Dear State Committee members,

On behalf of Chairman Hughes, I wanted to inform the you the following members were appointed to the special committee to evaluate the state committee election process as stated in the motion adopted at the March 4 special meeting of the MRSC.

The petitioners appointed Steve Aylward, Helen Hatch and Bill Gillmeister. Chairman Hughes appointed Amy Carnevale, Rebecca Levesque and Ed McGrath.

All of the committee members approved appointing Elizabeth Mahoney to serve as a non-voting committee chairman in place of William Sawyer. Though the preference of the petitioners was to keep Bill Sawyer as the Chair, the petitioners kindly yielded that selection to the Chairman. Steve Aylward notes for the record that  “Chairman Hughes has been extremely fair in all of the negotiations associated with the construction of the committee, and has kept her word throughout.  For that reason we feel comfortable in yielding  to her request.”

The special committee looks forward to getting to work and making its recommendations to the state committee.


Elizabeth Mahoney, Chairman

Steven Aylward

Amy Carnevale

Bill Gillmeister

Helen Hatch

Rebecca Levesque

Ed McGrath

*As a reminder the next state committee meeting is scheduled for May 16 at the Newton Marriott at 7pm.

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