Prying the Stone Tablets from Moses’ Cold Dead Hands

Prying the Stone Tablets from Moses’ Cold Dead Hands

The Ten Commandments movie, starring Charlton Heston as Moses, left lifelong impressions on me since my fourth grade class was bused into Boston from Watertown to see the movie in glorious Technicolor and Panavision. I’ll never forget the leper colony scene that caused such shrieking and recoil in the balcony that my orange juice got kicked over the edge.

Fast forward now to an egregious TV clip now running, showing the dignified actor being portrayed negatively in a Markey ad for Senate, holding a rifle aloft as NRA president. The now deceased spokesman for our Constitutional Rights should be allowed to rest in peace having stood for time-honored values of liberty and the Right to Bear Arms to protect ourselves and our families.

Progressives like Markey have been busily removing those boundaries of liberty to the private citizen for decades and he himself has morphed from a social conservative to an ultra-liberal during his 36 years in office.  Though Markey came from Malden and his 5th Congressional office sits in Medford Square he is out of touch with those he represents and promotes harmful legislation to business and our economy such as the Waxman-Markey Bill (Cap & Trade) from the D.C. area where he is a long time resident.

Intrusive government is Markey’s trademark and now he wants to take away our right to bear arms using the cruel deaths of the Sandy Hook Elementary students to stir up fear of guns and legal gun users rather than to recognize that it is a mental illness problem that caused the shooter rampages we have seen in recent times. How about violence in movies and video games? Are they not also to blame for the shooter’s bloody rampage? Should we not ban them from every home by the same logic?

The misplaced blame of guns for the violence is calculated to concentrate power, centralize government and deflect attention from the real problem… the failures of the Left.

A viable contender for the Senate seat vacated by John Kerry who gathered 30,000 signatures in two weeks is showing a grass roots groundswell. Former U.S. Attorney Michael Sullivan and his wife Terri recently visited the Medford Tea Party’s monthly meeting at Firehouse # 5’s community room. He introduced himself a resident of Abington having worked in his early years for Gillette working his way up while they invested in his Boston College education. In 1989 he ran for State Rep winning 3 terms, then in ’96 served as District Attorney for Plymouth County and after 9 -11 became U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts serving in Washington and later in the Bureau for Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.  He is no stranger to Washington and has withstood its pressures to conform.

For those longing to see Massachusetts freed of increasingly intrusive government and progressive liberalism Sullivan has infused the race with hope and grass roots energy.

Sullivan has entered the race seeing the national debt as the greatest threat to national security. He is a fiscal conservative who has stared in the face of terrorists. He also wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) seeing it is neither affordable for America nor capable of providing access to the quality of medical care we have already known. Costs will skyrocket while access lessens as fewer people enter the cumbersome and over regulated medical profession. He doesn’t like bills people can’t understand, noting that the regulations have swelled to a stack of pages taller than a man requiring an expensive army of bureaucrats to administrate.

Sullivan’s core values have not changed over his years of public service. He believes a person of principle cannot be compromised and sees a clear distinction between himself and Ed Markey.  His years of experience in Massachusetts and Washington makes him the best candidate to send to Washington.

Chris Noonan Funnell    

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