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On February 1st of this year, after a highly contentious race for Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman, Republicans where dealt another body blow when former U.S. Senator Scott Brown announced he would not run in the Special Election to fill the U.S. Senate seat left vacant when Senator John Kerry resigned to become President Obama’s Secretary of State.

Republicans had ample reason to fall into despair.  The GOP bench, never deep in the best of times, looked even thinner with such a short deadline to collect the 10,000 signatures needed to get onto the ballot.

But, the night is darkest before the dawn, and that dawn saw three great candidates step forward.

The first, Dan Winslow, has an impressive resume encompassing all three branches of government.  Currently a State Representative for the 9th Norfolk District (Scott Brown’s former seat), Winslow has shown a fiery passion for the ideas of the Republican Party on the campaign trail that has inspired many, including new, young voters. However, his quirky eccentricities, and propensity to go off on quixotic crusades concern us. His left-of-the-Republican-consensus positions on so many issues concern us more, making him a poor choice in our eyes.

The second candidate in the race, private equity executive Gabriel Gomez, is a virtual newcomer to politics, but it is easy to see why so many are attracted to his candidacy.   A first-generation son of Colombian immigrants, the bilingual Gomez is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, after which his stint in the Navy included serving in the elite Navy SEAL’s.

As if that were not impressive enough, after his service to our nation, Gomez earned an MBA from Harvard, before going to work in private equity, where he earned his fortune.

He has worked hard to reach out to non-traditional voters, and has been unafraid to tap his own personal wealth to help get his message out, often in both English and Spanish.  A personable gentleman, regardless of how this primary turns out we hope Gomez remains involved in the GOP.

However, his sophomore run for office (he previously lost a race for Selectman in Cohasset, in which he came in last) has been painful to watch at times.  Incredibly green as a candidate, and often muddled on issues (he’s pro-life, but supports abortion, for example), we question his chances in June vs. the Democrat nominee. Worse, his large donations to both Barack Obama and Alan Khazei leave us amongst many who question his loyalty to our party.  Gabriel Gomez is simply not ready for primetime, or our Party Nomination.

The final candidate, a late entrant to the race, brings a wide breath of service in State and Federal Government.  A former three-term State Representative, two-term Plymouth County District Attorney, U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts for five years, and Acting Director of the ATF, Michael Sullivan brings a vast array of knowledge on the functioning of government to the table.  In a time when the threat of terrorism is foremost on the minds of virtually every Bostonian, not to mention most Bay Staters, Sullivan brings vast, direct experience dealing with the terror threat.  The prosecutor who put jihadist “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid behind bars for life without parole, Sullivan is unmatched in this senate field on the issue of national security.

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Sullivan brings even more.  As a multi-time elected official, Sullivan knows how to win in Democrat Massachusetts. When Bob Dole was getting 28% of the vote here, Mike Sullivan was being re-elected in Plymouth County with 56% of the vote.  He knows how to win in tough times for Republicans, even in Massachusetts.

Sullivan has also won the hearts of the grassroots of our party.  While his opponents started sooner, and devoted $100,000-$150,000 to pay people to collect enough signatures to get them on the ballot, hundreds of activists collected nearly 30,000 signatures for Sullivan, before he had even announced. In snow, sleet, and even two blizzards, they stood, collecting signatures to get his name on the ballot.  They collected more than either of Sullivan’s opponents.  All without Sullivan or his campaign spending a dime to do it.  That, friends, is a grassroots effort.  He is the only candidate who has shown he can fire up the base like Scott Brown did in January 2010.

Finally, Sullivan’s heart-felt, continued stand in defense of his principles, particularly the sanctity of all human life, bears noting.  As the only true pro-life candidate in the field (Steven Lynch calls himself “pro-choice” now, as does Ed Markey, who was elected as a staunch pro-lifer and later ‘evolved’ into being in favor of more death) Sullivan can appeal not only to our base voters, who often feel marginalized in our party, but also disaffected Democrats who used to support candidates like Steven Lynch because of his past support of Life, and have realized that the Joe Moakley’s of the world are not coming back to the Democrat Party.

Michael Sullivan is the most qualified, the best prepared, the best on the issues that appeal to GOP voters, a prosecutor who will shred the sclerotic Democrat nominee in the debates, an unabashed and proud Republican.  He is Tested and Trusted.  

We proudly give RedMassGroup’s Endorsement to Michael Sullivan in the Republican Primary this Tuesday, April 30th.

-Robert Eno, Paul R. Ferro, & Michael P. Rossettie

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