Mike Sullivan: Most Electable

Here in Massachusetts many Republican voters care about only one thing:  Who can win?  In the special election for US Senate the answer to that question is obvious.  It is Mike Sullivan.

Many people like to throw out their own hypothetical hypotheses concerning electability, but only one thing actually proves electabilty:  Winning elections.  Michael Sullivan has done exactly that.

Abington’s own Michael Sullivan was first elected to the Massachusetts State House in 1990, he was re-elected in 1992 and again in 1994.  During his tenure in the House, He was voted “Legislator of the Year” by the Massachusetts Municipal Organization in 1994.  In 1995, Mike Sullivan was name District Attorney for Plymouth County.

Anyone winning any election puts them far ahead of the Gabriel Gomez history of failure, but Mike Sullivan’s 1996 campaign was truly impressive by any standard.

1996 was a heavily Democratic year.  Bob Dole received just 28% here in Massachusetts and 33% in Plymouth County at the top of the ticket.  Yet Michael Sullivan earned 56% of the vote!  This was a full 23% higher than the top of the Republican ticket had in the same district in the same year!  Sullivan was viewed as so unbeatable, the Democrats failed to field a candidate and Sullivan was re-elected in 1998 unopposed.

By comparison, Gabriel Gomez has only run for office once.  And failed.  For Selectman.  In Cohasset.  A town so Republican, Scott Brown won it by 26%.


Mike Sullivan being our most electable candidate is not simply one man’s opinion, but a proven fact.

This proven fact has been further verified by independent public polling.  Both the WMUR/MassINC and UMass-Lowell/Boston Herald polls show the same thing.  Michael Sullivan does the best out of any Republican in the field against either Ed Markey or Steve Lynch.  Furthermore, Michael Sullivan has the highest net positive ratings among the Republican candidates.  Sullivan is the strongest among Republicans.  Sullivan is the strongest among Independents.  Sullivan is even the strongest among registered Democrats!

Vote for the most electable candidate in the field.  Vote for Mike Sullivan and win with Mike Sullivan.

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