Michael Sullivan should be ashamed of himself.

Today, a mailer dropped from the Sullivan campaign. Just days after the Gomez family witnessed a terrible tragedy in Boston the Sullivan campaign felt fit to include in their mailer not only the names and ages of Mr. Gomez's children, but also their home address, Mr. Gomez's private cell phone number and private emails address. The information comes in the form of a reproduction of Mr. Gomez's letter to Governor Patrick in January. While the information about the Gomez family could easily have been blurred out, the Sullivan campaign apparently felt that it would be appropriate to publish, in one place, information about the Gomez family. Michael Sullivan should be ashamed of himself. Family should be off limits. Would Mr. Sullivan be happy if an opposing campaign published the names and ages of his children, as well as their address? It's just another reason that Mr. Sullivan and his poor excuse for a campaign can't be trusted. Mr. Sullivan owes the Gomez family a public apology.


I would rather not upload the photos and further this disgrace of a mailer, but if you're a registered Republican, chances are you can waltz to your mailbox and have a look for yourself. The Sullivan campaign has made a terrible error in judgement. 


Mr. Sullivan, you and your campaign owe the Gomez family a public apology. You should be ashamed of yourself.



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